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Unconditional Loop

by Ekranoplans

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X73 Big Five - a powerful antiwar statement that I can imagine being listened to by airborne attacking warriors.
Greg Potter
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Greg Potter This album comes out of the starting gate with a couple of absolutely rockin’ bangers, and has a grand vibe. Hard to tell if I prefer the four piece thumpers or the toons with a bigger band - they both work excellently. The lyrical depth is a real strength here as well.
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Felt Nowt 05:10
Two thousand thugs came to class. 1977 was a pain in the arse. There was just three of us would wear the tie and I swore I’d be the last to die. That bloody thing was a liability. Several times it damn near killed me. You could get it wrapped round a lathe or they could hold you with it while they spat in your face. One of my comrades was soft in the head. He had a leathering too far and topped himself in t’shed but the other was hard and did it in jest. The last thing I heard he’d worked up to a dress. I felt nowt! You’re not even trying. Fuck it all! It’s time we wag off science. We’ll take your symbols of compliance to make our gestures of defiance! I wasn’t hard. I wasn’t frit. Well maybe I was just a little bit. There was a tiny spastic with a shiny hatchet. I fuckin’ ran like a fuckin’ bastard . There was six cunts in the gymnasium. They was figuring out how to fix up my cranium. Well they knew the ropes and they very near lynched me but it was me what got a spanking off the dinner lady. I spent my days being where not to be. If I was someone else I wouldn’t have to be me. I ran round in circles frustrating their schemes but I never got away in my wildest dreams. Chorus They knew the difference between black and white. They were just not so good on the light grey and dark grey. It might have been easier if they’d turned on the light but they thought I was funnier to learn me the hard way. Where do you get if you stay where you are? You can catch a train or you can steal a car and with a bit of luck you’ll wind up in a place where nobody gives two fucks what you’ve got underneath your face. So when I was let out I was spoiled for choices. There was chokey, the dole or into the armed forces. The only thing they ever taught me was to mind my own business but after such knowledge, what forgiveness? What forgiveness?
Big Five 04:39
War ina Babylon. Get these here dog tags on and then we’ll let you kill a man. We’ll let you kill a thousand. Only kill the ones we tell you to. The other thing we ask of you is keep each slaughter nice and clean. Don’t try nothing too obscene. We got your name and your number too. Be such a shame if something happened to you. This necklace gives you special powers. It tells us that you’re one of ours. When it’s time to do some killing no one wants to play the villain. I’m not sure what the difference is. It all depends on which side wins. Don’t panic if you make it through it. Just tell ’em that we told you to do it. We got your back. Don’t you worry about that. We got you covered and that’s an actual fact. I’m glad we got that sorted out. You could wind up round Pavlov’s House. I hate it when we get confused. The Devil take those blue-on-blues. When we find you stiff and cold rest assured we’ll let your poor mum know. All the same, if you ask me worse things happen at sea. We got your sex and your religion too. We’ll send them back with what’s left of you. We got your sex and your religion group too. What happens next, that’s up to you.
Daisy-Chain 01:27
Oh come and make a daisy chain. Thread this blossom round your throat. I don’t think it’s going to rain. You might as well take off your coat. It seems a shame to pick the flowers when they look so pretty there but I could sit and watch for hours—the petals dancing through your hair. Oh won’t you make a daisy chain? Although the petals wilt and die, come the dawn they’ll bloom again. Let’s go to your place and get high.
After you’d taken off all of your make-up and all of your clothes and all of your everything else there was one thing left behind somewhere between your body and your mind. And you turned out the light... It made no difference. The moon too bright behind the clouds coming through the curtains. I could make out every detail. All the beautiful engravings. And when I gave it to you I never took a photograph. I figured you could make the call yourself. It could be me or it could be someone else. It never even occurred to me to check the face in the heart that hung on a chain around your neck. I turned toward the window. A storm was coming down. The wind and rain lashed the seaside town but snug beneath through the eiderdown we held each other and the room span around. Out into the half-light. How did I get so bruised overnight? The broken trees, a twisted road sign. Bus shelter casts jewels beneath your feet. Cubic zirconium. Cubic zirconium. And we looked out at all the destruction around us and we wondered if it was perhaps the fault of our own excess of sexual abandon of the previous evening after we had seen the Spacemen 3 at The Zap Club. And you wore those old-fashioned boots I used to like. Yeah.
Peak Love 06:16
What is the worst thing you can think of? You could be lost in the jungle at night. You could be scared of the snakes or the spiders. You could be scared of your girlfriend besides. Now take my hand and I’ll lead you off somewhere. Hear the drums beating down in the valley. Look! There’s a fox in a diaphanous nightgown... Beckoning us… Quizzically. A thing from the undergrowth emerges. A shadow resolving into a shape. A hideous disfigured old bastard assuming the form of a monstrous ape I fumble and stumble and suddenly my footing falters. I feel myself falling sideways into the aether. A hand reaching out.. A distant blazing altar. I’m overcome by the heat-haze... From the beat of the funereal drum to the heat of the dawning morning sun, awake with the dew on my cheek I turned to you to speak. Looking round where you were gone. Curse the day. Curse the day that brought this dawn. What is the worst thing you can think of? You could be lost in the jungle at night. You could be scared of the snakes or the spiders. You could be scared of a monster inside...
I got chains to bind my hands. I got chains to bind my feet. I got these chains in places chains got no business been. They threw me in this dungeon. They threw away the key. Why won’t they tell me something? What will become of me? The chains that keep me fettered and these chains that keep me bound. You hear these chains a-dragging. A weird unearthly sound. Chains around my ankles. Chains around my wrists. Ain’t got no feet for running. Ain’t got no hands for fists. I got chains that bind my hands. I got chains that bind my feet. I got no chain around my neck. Oh Lord my head is free. I got my brains for thinking. Thinking of my “crime”. Still got my heart for beating as long as I got time. When the Good Lord comes to judge me. I know He’s coming soon. It happens very suddenly, right at the end of this tune.
I’m stood here on the trapdoor waiting to drop. I’m wondering if this moment will ever stop — oh no. The beak put on his kibosh and said his fine words and now it’s me and the hangman on the edge of the earth. Tie that noose around my neck. Make sure it’s snug and tight. I can see the padre down there with neckgear different to mine. A tiny figure being tortured to death. Around his neck is hung a sign. I guess it’s got His name on. Praise hallelujah! That would be right. Oh Take me higher and higher and higher! And higher and higher and higher! Dash me lower and lower and lower! And higher and higher and higher. And lower and lower and lower! Raise him to the ceiling! Dash him to the floor! Raise him to the ceiling! Dash him to the floor! Raise him to the ceiling! Dash him to the floor! Throw him out the window, kick him out the door! You’re a slave to your education, a slave to your nation, a slave to your lover, a slave to the weather, a slave to the state, a slave to your fate. There’s a grave for the needle, a groove for your freedom! Freedom! And when my neck snaps I’ll be thinking of you. We’ll all find out if The Naked Lunch was really true after all. Won’t you come to the ball? I just hope that no-one’s too badly hurt coz all the assembled multitudes are about to get down to work! They’re gonna go berzerk. It breaks my heart it has to end like this, all this fire and brimstone and the endless abyss. Someone’s taking the piss! You won’t learn fuck all from sitting around fussing to a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. Twenty to the dozen! Earthquakes, lightning and thunder. Signs taken for wonders. Signs... Taken for wonders. Gods… taken for creatures. Bugs… taken for features. You’re one of us. You’re one of us. You’re one of us. You’re one of us. You’re one of us...


Recorded 18-21 December 2020 at Soundpark Studios, Northcote, Victoria by Andrew Hehir. Mastered by Paul Fox at Indie Masters.


released February 14, 2021

AARON GOLDBERG - Guitars, b. vox (1, 7)

SÖNKE RICKERTSEN - Drums, b. vox (1, 7), guitar (3), saxophone (4), piano (5), percussion (5, 6)

STEFAN SCHUTT - Bass guitar, b. vox (1, 7)


with our friends

DEE HANNAN - Backing vocals (1, 4, 5, 7)

ADAM HUTTERER - Trombone (4, 7)

ALISTAIR SHEPHERD - Saxophone (4, 7)


All songs except Track 4 written by Goldberg, Rickertsen, Schutt, Strong.


all rights reserved



Ekranoplans Melbourne, Australia

Ekranoplans is a multinational vocal/instrumental group based in Melbourne, Australia.
Aaron Goldberg (g), Sönke Rickertsen (d), Stefan Schutt (b), Simon Strong (v)

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